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Klub Sportowy UZNAM Świnoujście ·




„Tour De PoMorze 700 km Non Stop”

around the West Pomerania Province


KS UZNAM Świnoujście.
Commander                        - Cezary Dobrochowski,
Chief Judge                         - Robert Janik,
Route manager                    - Małgorzata Jędrzycka,
DPK 1 manager                    - Amelia Krawczuk,
DPK 2 manager                    - Rafał Węsławski,
Start und finish manager      - Robert Janik.
The ultramarathon will take place on August 20 – 23, 2021,
Proper start – BIELIK ferry at 08:00,
Finish line at the BIELIK ferry pier (starting point).
August  20, 2021 (Friday)
10:00-20:00      - registration of competitors in the Ultramarathon’s office, The day-room of the Świnoujście Shipping next to the BIELIK ferry crossing
16:50-17:30       - technical briefing.
August  21. 2021 (Saturday)
from 07:00        - packing of luggage intended for repacking and Large Checkpoints (before the BIELIK ferry ramp),
from 07:30        - each competitor is required to report at the proper start at least 20 minutes in time - to have GPS devices attached to bicycles, and the marking of bicycles checked (rear part of the BIELIK ferry),
08:00 – 10:45    - proper start (the front part of the BIELIK ferry).
August  23, 2021 (Monday)
12:45                 - closing of the Ultramarathon (time limit of 50 hours),
14:00                 - medal and closing ceremony. City Stadium in Świnoujście.
Before the start – Common room of Świnoujście Shipping, during the Ultramarathon – the start point, after closing – City Stadium in Świnoujście,
Accommodation before the start and at the finishing line is to be booked by the participants.
Offers of accommodation in Świnoujście;
1.    Tourist hostel,
2.    PTTK Camping.
  • Popularization of road and tourist cycling in Poland
  • An opportunity for the participants to attempt completing a 700 km non-stop distance
  • Test of participants’ physical and psychological endurance
  • Advertising and marketing activity for sponsors and co-organizers of the checkpoints: cities and associations,
  • Qualification for the Baltic - Bieszczady TOUR 2022 ultramarathon
  • The distance of the race is minimum 700 km; experience in long distance cycling is necessary;
  • The proper start from the BIELIK ferry;
  • Start Groups - 6 people every 5 minutes, OPEN category first, then SOLO category - 6 people every 5 minutes - after passing the roundabout in Łunowo, each rides alone (maintaining at least 100m distance from another rider);
  • Competitors of the SOLO category are obliged to maintain a distance of at least 100m to a preceding rider or riders in the OPEN category;
  • Competitors of the OPEN are obliged to maintain a distance of at least 100m to a preceding rider in the SOLO category;
  • The time limit to complete the race is 50 hours;
  • Checkpoint closing times will be published after August 15, 2021. The time limit at check points only refers to technical support. After closing of a check point, a competitor is obliged to report arriving at the checkpoint;
  • Competitors who, for important reasons, are forced to interrupt the ride, shall notify the Organizer of this fact. If possible, temporary technical assistance will be provided;
  • The description of the route and a map with marked checkpoints will be provided to participants during registration;
  • A competitor who leaves the designated race route is obliged to notify the Chief Judge about the place, time and the reason for the occurrence. They can then continue the ride from the place of leaving. In the event of a significant distance to this place, they may return to the route using help of third parties or public transport;
  • A competitor who plans to move beyond route’s visibility area (restaurant, accommodation, etc.) should notify the Chief Judge, along with the place and time of the expected remoteness;
  • At designated checkpoints, participants can use prepared buffets and bicycle service (if provided at the checkpoint);
  • Large Checkpoint 1 – access to and opportunity to repack the bags;
  • Large Checkpoint 2 – warm meal, rest and shower opportunity
The Ultramarathon is designed for amateur cyclists with a very good physical condition and preparation;
Participation requirements:
1.    23 years or older,
2.    written statement about participation at one’s own risk and awareness of one’s health condition;
3.    written consent to undergo a drug test after completing the race The procedure of the test will be announced before the start.
4.    supplementary liability insurance for the time of the race;
5.    current medical certificate from a family or sport doctor is recommended
Obligatory equipment: 
1.    Hard helmet (worn on the head during the ride),
2.    Lights at night and at times of limited visibility: front (white) and back (red),
3.    ID
4.    Mobile phone (number provided upon registration).
As part of the registration fee, the competitor receives:
  • guaranteed place on the start list
  • dedicated account in the GPS online service
  • access to the navigation application BBtracker (

The participation fee includes: 

  1. snacks at checkpoints (details provided at the technical briefing before the start),
  2. food at the Large Checkpoint 1 (warm meal, coffee, tea, resting area),
  3. warm meal at the finish line,
  4. free technical support at selected checkpoints (pay for parts only),
  5. paper route map,
  6. each participant who completes the Ultramarathon will receive a commemorative cycling jersey with their name and time result,
  7. commemorative medal with name and time result,
  8. participants who withdraw from the race after reaching CP-8 Witnica (516km) will receive a commemorative participation medal,
  9. starting numbers for the bike, bags and a reflective one to be placed on rider’s back,
  10. basic liability insurance,
  11. gifts from sponsors,
  12. two bags for personal belongings.
Detailed list of penalties will be published in a separate attachment.  
Register by filling out the registration form available on the Ultramarathon’s website and email it to: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.
  • Within 14 days of the registration the registration fee of 60 PLN is due.  (If the fee is not paid within that time, the registration gets cancelled) Registration fee is not participation fee and cannot be refunded.
  • Participation feebefore
June 15, 2021 = 430 PLN
after June 15, 2021 = 530 PLN
  • bank account details for registration and participation fees:
K.S. UZNAM Świnoujście ul. Boh. Września 32c/5, 72-600 Świnoujście
Bank Pekao 85 1240 3914 1111 0011 0242 4435with a note "700 – first and last name",
  • In case of withdrawal from participation in the race before June 30, 2021 the full amount of the participation fee will be refunded (minus bank transfer fee). After June 30, 2021 fees will not be refunded.
  • The list of participants will be closed after the participation fee is paid in full by 200 participants – participants limit = 200.


  1. The Ultramarathon will take place irrespectively of weather conditions;
  2. Participants complete the entire route on their own;
  3. Organized help of third parties on the route and checkpoints is absolutely forbidden,
  4. The competitors may refill their food and drink supplies at checkpoints and/or in stores on the route,
  5. Use of transportation other that a bicycle is forbidden on the route and will result in disqualification,
  6. The organizer may withdraw a participant from the race in case the medical crew finds that their health condition does not allow them to continue the ride or in case of non-compliance with the rules,
  7. Participants are responsible for the technical condition of their bicycles,
  8. The organizer is not liable for accidents on the way to or from the event nor for any damage caused to other participants or third parties,
  9. The organizer is not liable for possible collisions and accidents during the race,
  10. A participant filling out and signing the Registration Form accepts the rules of the race and consents to having their personal data used and processed in organizers’ databases for marketing purposes as well as their name, year of birth and place of residence placed on the race’s website (regulation of the European Parliament and European Council 2016/679 from April 27, 2016  on protection of natural persons in relation to personal data processing as well as free transfer of such data (known as “RODO”). They also have a right to access and review the data.
  11. The organizer may interpret the above rules at their own discretion,
  12. The participants are obliged to comply with all traffic rules of the Polish Traffic Law
Each participant is obliged to to aquaint themselves with the rules of the Ultramarathon in which they take part.
For any other questions, please, refer to Czarek Dobrochowski – phone 667112219 or email: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript..
* the rules may slightly change,
* the route will be similar to that from 2019 = the final version including location of checkpoints will be published by the end of July 2021.

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